My Hometown and Village Dream

My Hometown and Village Dream

With the financial success and realization of my American Dream, I want with all my desire to give back my successes to my home town village and provide for them a place where they may benefit from facilities of an American-style business plaza, mall and education center.

The plaza would provide for real time, real world communication via an Internet Café, where:
Technology and electronics training would be available.

Where medical services for community Dental Hygiene and an American Medicine Pharmacy would provide the latest in health benefits.

Where a Public Market, Coffee shop, and a Bakery and bread processing center would provide for community social interaction.

Where learning and growing would prevail in this Oasis of American culture and strength of community services.

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The plaza would give hope to those like me who nearly twenty years ago had the opportunity to dream and the determination to reach for that dream. The plaza would be a stepping stone and support system for other small businesses to start and grow, with small business services available for banking, interest free loans, book-keeping and accounting helping people understand how to use these services, and training them and helping them understand the importance of economy and money in this modern world.

The economy is the new river of life, allowing those who learn and apply to travel its waters as I have done to America.

The plaza would also provide for and promote rural moderation, electricity support and plumbing of water and sanitation systems, to modernize, protect and allow my people to thrive, dream and succeed in the world I have seen, I have believed in and I have lived in.

A Primary school would also be built in an effort to reduce and eventually eliminate the cycle of poverty of my roots, helping the poorest of the poor so that some day they too can live, dream and succeed.